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Camp Awesome

We will be hosting another Camp Awesome event this summer!!    This will start on Monday, July 20 to Friday Aug.3.    Please email for additional information.

Poem Box
A Poem Box can be found at the back of the sanctuary so feel free to take one whenever you like.  If you are wondering how to read a poem, I suggest choosing one, and then find some quiet time during your day to read it.    Sit with the emotions or images that come up to you and see where those thoughts take you.

Elevator Maintenance Fund
There is an ongoing yearly maintenance fee we have to make to the governing body of the TSSA.    The amount is $1,000 plus HST.     In January 2016, we put a large glass container on the pass through counter at the church requesting that those who had a cup or coffee or tea to make a donation and put it in this container.    We counted the donations to date this week and there was $363.00 in it!     If we kept that up, it would certainly help pay for  this annual expense.   We realize some of our members are upset that there is a small charge for the coffee and refreshments considering they are donated.   However it is easier to drop a coin in the jar once a week than take this expense out of our annual budget.     If we were to collect about $20 a week x 52 weeks then this bill would be paid.

Outreach Committee

The Richmond Village Refugee Welcome (RVRW)

The Richmond Village Refugee Welcome (RVRW) is a group of dedicated Richmond and surrounding area residents who have been working together since fall 2015 to privately sponsor a refugee family from Syria.  Most of the group’s volunteer positions have been filled; approximately one half of the $30,000 required to sponsor a family for the first year has already been raised; a list of required household items has been created and most of the items have already been donated; applications have been completed and; a Syrian family of six living in Turkey has been identified. The mother has a sister with three sons who recently arrived in South March with sponsorship from the Anglican Church. It could be nearly a year before this family arrives, so the group is considering the sponsorship of an additional “BVOR” family in which case the process could move faster and the government pays one half the costs for the first year.

St. Paul’s has already dedicated over $1,000 to the project. If you would like to make a donation in cash or by cheque, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has offered to take in the donations and issue tax receipts for amounts over $25. Make cheques out to “St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church” and write “for refugee sponsorship” on the memo line. Cheques should be mailed to P.O. Box 846, Richmond, ON, K0A 2Z0. You can also visit the web site for further information and to donate directly through “Go fund Me”.

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee  offer  Home Communion.  This will happen four times in 2018.   If you or someone you know might be interested in receiving this ministry, please contact Ginger Chapleau at 613-838-3077 to arrange a time.

Creative Worship
Every Wednesday @ 1:00pm until 3:00pm in of the participant’s homes or sometimes in the Fellowship Hall at the Church. For more information on location and to find out about materials needed for this session, contact Sharon Eaton at 613-838-3650
Come and enjoy the newest group at St. Paul’s.  Be creative, and make some new friends. Bring the latest craft, etc. you have been working on.

United Church’s national Philanthropy Unit
Several people have asked how to subscribe to the United Church’s Philanthropy E-News, so we are pleased to post the link:
Philanthropy E-news offers updates from the United Church’s national Philanthropy Unit, and is e-mailed about once a month. Each edition alerts people to resources, events, and  other monthly updates on stewardship and Mission and Service in the United Church

St. Paul’s Jigsaw Puzzle Exchange

Do you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles but don’t want to always have to buy them?   We now have a jigsaw puzzle exchange in the church hall.    The puzzles can be found in a white cupboard beside the elevator and you are welcome to take any of them home.    Also if you have any hanging around your home feel free to bring them in to add to the collection for others to borrow!    This cupboard is for puzzles only – no books, please.

St. Paul’s Memorial Gazebo

We are pleased with the construction of a Memorial Gazebo on the south side of the Church.  It looks beautiful and the interlock brick around it as well as the walkway from the city sidewalk to the rear door completes the project! This was built by funds which have been donated to St. Paul’s Memorial Fund over the past several years. The names of the deceased are listed on a plaque inside the gazebo.   The Church bell which used to be on the roof was placed inside the gazebo. It all looks so pretty at night when the lights are turned on.
The interlock walkway will be paid for by the Pie Ladies in memory of the ladies who were faithful to the pie making project but are now deceased.

The Memorial & Bell were dedicated during a special dedication service on Sunday, June 23/13.     It was a memorable service and Donald Foster was so happy to be the one who was asked to ring the bell!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

A Prayer Shawl Ministry is active at St. Paul’s. Contact Bonnie Warnock @ for more information or to donate that yarn you bought and haven’t found a use for it.

Visitation at the Richmond Lodge and Richmond Care Home Services

St. Paul’s clergy and church volunteers visit the RICHMOND LODGE on the first Tuesday of each month beginning at 12:30pm and 1:15pm at the RICHMOND CARE HOME.

If you would like to volunteer for any of these dates, please contact  Bonnie Warnock, Marg Walker or just show up at the times listed above.

The Richmond Lodge is looking for volunteer drivers to take residents to doctor and hospital appointments. Can you spare a morning or afternoon once in a while to help our residents get to their appointments? If so please call Maggie or Tracy for more info at 613-838-5016613-838-5016.

Pie Fundraiser

On Tuesdays at 9:00AM, a group of volunteers meet in the church hall to make pies which they have been doing since October 2001. We invite customers to come to the church hall on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 – 11:30 for your pie order. If that time is not convenient for you, other arrangements can be made by using the contact info below. Thank you for your support in this fundraising endeavor as we are well into our 17th year!

Please note that we have increased our pie prices effective Feb. 2018.

The pies are sold unbaked & frozen to anyone who would like to buy them. This has been a very successful fundraiser for St. Paul’s.   The YouTube video follows it……

“The faithful gather at St. Paul’s United Church in Richmond every Tuesday for a tasty slice of life. For more than a decade, a dozen dedicated souls have been meeting weekly to make some of the most delicious pies around filled with sweet fruit or succulent beef and chicken. They also make tourtiere, tarts and several varieties of quiche. Proceeds from pie sales support improvement projects at the church. To date, the group has made more than 43 thousand pies. Frozen pies are available at the church on Tuesday mornings or can be ordered online.”

St. Paul’s Senior Choir

We welcome new members at anytime! Choir practice is held on Sunday mornings @ 9:00 am as well as Tuesday evenings @ 7:00pm

Choir is planning musical ways to raise funds.    If there is a special musical piece you wish to hear, please fill out the form at the back of the church and put it in the collection plate. The music can be a favourite hymn, a special anthem and you may choose how it should be sung, by choir, the congregation or as a solo/duet. This will be continued throughout the year so think of a hymn you might like to sing or have sung for you!

The Richmond & area Food Bank

Remember the Food Bank!

Please consider helping fill our Food Bank cupboards.    Items to consider are facial tissue, toilet paper, Lipton Sidekicks, peanut butter, Hamburger Helper, tuna, canned ham.  You can bring your donation to Church any Sunday and leave it in the extra large basket at the back of the Church.  Thanks!

We are fortunate to have several volunteers to help out on a regular basis.   If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Judy Wagdin @ 613-838-5483 or Isabel Thompson @ 613-838-2031

Gift Cards for Sale!

St. Paul’s has been involved in selling various gift cards since 1996. We sell Loblaws, (Superstore, YIG, Valumart). Sobey’s (Price Chopper), Sears, HBC, GAP, Roots, Old Navy, Kids R Us, Canadian Tire, Food Basics, Metro, Home Depot, Chapters, Home Hardware, Tim Hortons, Farm Boy, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Farm Boy plus about 30 other merchants. We receive a percentage from these merchants which can be as much as 15%! The average percentage we make is around 5%. Thanks to the loyal members of our congregation who have been supporting this major fundraiser over the years. Contact Isabel @  613-838-2031 if you are interested in purchasing any gift cards.

Book Club
During the year, all women are welcome to attend any of these (2nd Wed.) monthly meetings.    Please phone Marg Walker @ 613-838-5802 if you have any questions regarding the Book Club.

Miscellaneous Collections

We NO LONGER collect used eye glasses.   The GREEN COLLECTION BIN on the driveway side of the church is no longer being used.


President: Joannne Braaskma

St. Paul’s UCW holds regular meetings  on the fourth  Monday of every month @ 2:00PM .

NOTE:    We have changed the time to 2:00pm from 7:00.  All women are invited to attend.

The UCW always usher during the month of April.

Our next get to gether will be at The Richmond Gormet Restaurant at noon on Monday, June 25.      Please call Joanne Braaskma at 613-838-2679 to hear about the menu we can choose from.     Cost is $23 including tax & tip.

Weddings Arrangements at St. Paul’s

We are pleased that you wish to hold your forthcoming wedding at St. Paul’s. We will do all that we can in order to make this day a memorable one in your lives.

Couples being married at St. Paul’s must take pre-marital counseling either through Ottawa Presbytery’s Marriage Preparation Course or another form of counseling which has been approved by the minister. Weddings are booked only on a tentative basis until this requirement is met.

St. Paul’s sanctuary seats approximately 175 people.

You will be given a selection of materials to help you plan your wedding service and you may choose some of your own. However, services must be consistent with practices and principles of the United Church of Canada.

A rehearsal is usually held and may be planned with the Minister. Only one hour is necessary. Please ensure members of your wedding party are on time.

The minimum honorariums required for the church staff who will be assisting with your wedding are:

Minister: $300.00

Organist: $200.00 plus $25.00 for wedding rehearsal & $40.00 for each additional rehearsal

Church Rental: $200.00

Custodian: $100.00

All of the above fees must be received by the church two weeks prior to the wedding.

Each wedding request at St. Paul’s United Church is to be brought to St. Paul’s Session for approval.

Other Information Pertaining to Weddings:

Pictures: Pictures can be taken by the official photographer as the bride comes up the aisle, during the signing of the register and as the couple leave.  Videos may be recorded throughout the ceremony if the camera is on a tripod.  Guests may take pictures after the ceremony is concluded, i.e. during the signing of the register and as the couple leave.

Decorations: You may provide floral decorations which you may take with you after the service or leave for the use of the Church on Sunday. Pew markers may be used but must not be stuck to the pews. There are 2 sets of candelabrum, one holding 5 candles, the other 7, are also available for your use.

No confetti, please.

Music: Since your wedding is a special service of worship it is important that the music chosen contribute both to reverent worship and the spirit of joy which the occasion embodies. The music should, therefore, be sacred in nature. Secular songs can be used as solos if the complete lyrics are shown to the minister and approved three weeks before the wedding.

The Director of Music will be pleased to suggest suitable music for your wedding. There are four places in the service where music would be appropriate. They are: the Prelude, the Processional, the signing of the Register and the Recessional.

Music Equipment: If you are renting our church for your wedding you may use our Sound System provided it is treated with respect. However, none of the components can be moved elsewhere in the church. Users are not to adjust any of the knobs without obtaining permission from Judy Wagdin, Isabel Thompson or David George. These knobs are set for sound required for our Sunday services. Please do not move the Music Director’s equipment unless you have his permission. David’s equipment consists of a keyboard and stand, floor speakers, sound board and amplifier. If you are renting and providing your own musician for your wedding, a damage deposit of $150.00 is required to be given to St. Paul’s. It will be returned after conditions are assessed.

The marriage policy of St. Paul’s (Richmond) is applied equally to any couple requesting a marriage in our church, regardless of sexual orientation.

If further information is required, please contact 613-838-5397613-838-5397 (church office).

We hope you have a joyous wedding day!

Board of Management  (changed to St. Paul’s Council effective February 2016)

Our Church Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month @ 7:00pm .    They are usually over by 9:00pm. Upcoming meetings:

  • Sept. 19/18

St. Paul’s Council is excited to announce the creation of a Pastoral Care Team to better meet the needs of our community. The structure of the committee is currently being formulated  but if you feel called to join this ministry, or to learn more please speak to the Marg Walker

We need your help: The Church Council is seeking your ideas for meeting our budget commitments. Do you have an idea for an event that you think others might support? Maybe you have a creative fundraising idea?

St. Paul’s Cemetery Service

The annual cemetery service is held on the fourth Sunday of June every year at 2:00pm. Further information can be obtained from Lorna McCurdy @ 613-838-2849

Exercise with Katie!


Our fitness instructor, Katie Squires, has decided to search out for a more permanent job in the fitness world!     The majority of the ladies who have been attending the Wednesday morning classes have decided to carry on with the strengthening & stretches on our own!     Please join us if you wish to any Wednesday morning at 9:30am for about an hour!    Call Debbie at 613-838-5998 or Isabel @ 613-838-2031 if you have any questions.
NOTE:   We are now really fit so will not have to meet again until September 2018!


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