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Upcoming Events and Services

Fall is here!     Now is the time to start thinking and praying about what the ministry focus for the coming year might be.   Do you have ideas, suggestions or thoughts on a topic you are interested in?    Do you feel that St. Paul’s could serve the community in some way that we are not currently engaged in?    Would you like to offer your skills in a certain area in the church life of this community?     I invite you to pray about the coming months at St. Paul’s and listen for where the Spirit might be calling you as part of the larger faith community.   Please don’t hesitate to contact St. Paul’s  either by phone 613-838-5397   or email if you have some ideas or suggestion, or would like to offer your gifts in some way.

Richmond Fair

The annual Richmond Fair will be held on Thursday, Sept. 14 until Sunday, Sept. 16.    We have been asked to provide the meals in the Dining Hall for the first three years.    This is an event we normally look after every 4 years however, two of the churches have backed out so here we are again making plans for menus, calling people to help, etc. etc..   It will be a busy time but we have such a great congregation and they have stepped up to the plate to donate and help wherever they can.

Thursday:  Sept.14th, 2017            10:30 – 2:30  

Lunch:                   $12.00

Soups:  2 varieties

Sandwiches (bun): egg, ham, chicken


Fruit crisp  Tea/coffee

 Friday:  Sept. 15th, 2017                 10:30 – 2:30

Lunch:                   $12.00

Quiche: Lorraine or veggie





Dinner:                 $12.00                   4:30 – 6:30 

Hot Chicken Sandwich






Saturday: Sept. 16, 2017 

All day Dinner:   $15.00                  11:00 – 6:30

Beef Stew

Mashed Potato Bar:

Fried onions

Fried mushrooms

Grated Cheese



Sliced Tomatoes




Take out is available anytime.

Piece of pie and coffee anytime:     $3.50


Richmond Refugee Committee

St. Paul’s has already generously dedicated over $1,000 to the project. If you would like to make a donation in cash or by cheque, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church has offered to take in the donations and issue tax receipts for amounts over $25. Make cheques out to “St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church” and write “for refugee sponsorship” on the memo line. Cheques should be mailed to P.O. Box 846, Richmond, ON, K0A 2Z0. You can also visit the web site for further information and to donate directly through “Go fund Me”.

Bursaries for Young People

  • If you are interested in learning more about the qualifications to apply for this bursary for 2016-2017 year, contact  Isabel @ 613-838-2031 or Judy Wagdin @ 613-838-5483


Please contact  the church office at 613-838-5397 if you would like to have a baptism.

Church Membership
Are you a person who would like their membership transferred?  Jim Wagdin (church secretary) or Bonnie Warnock (chair of Worship Committee) know so you too can be recognized at the service.    Also, would you like to become a member of the United Church?



  • We have updated our sound system a couple of years ago! We wanted to be able to transmit the audio and video from the sanctuary down to the basement hall. Thanks to a couple of anonymous donations as well as some of the proceeds from the UCW pie sales, we now have a video camera in the sanctuary which transmits the sound & picture to our new 50″ flat screen TV in the hall. If you don’t want to sit in the sanctuary for the church service, you can watch it downstairs! We can also record the services to a DVD if this is something people request us to do. We have updated a couple of the mics as we now have four mic jacks in the sanctuary – that work! We also purchased a portable sound system that can be used in the hall for our events or anywhere else as long as there is hydro available! The sound from the CD player & microphones in the sanctuary can be set up to be heard in the sanctuary, downstairs and from the speakers outside in the front of the church. Nobody can say that St. Paul’s isn’t getting high tech!!
  • We had a 32″ TV donated to us for the choir to be able to follow along with the rest of the congregation. The remainder of the costs were paid for from the Pie Makers.
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